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Our team has made a new historical project - MAPHI!

Intellectual Historical Card Game "MAPHI" part 1 RENAISSANCE

OUR INTERNATIONAL TEAM: CEO & Designer - Anastasiia Azarova (UK), Editor-in-Chief - Anna Makul (Austria), Journalist & PR - Rimma Chumachenko (Ukraine).

Our startup is called "MAPHI", which means "Map of History" and focuses on the development of new intellectual projects for smart and fun activities in the study of history, art, and culture of peoples and eras.


The problem that our project solves is boring and monotonous history lessons in ordinary schools that do not evoke vivid emotions and strong memorization.

For children at a young age, monotonous lessons cause boredom, not interest in knowledge. And you need to speak with children in their language - in the language of games. Our project solves this problem exquisitely.

OUR PRODUCT is the Intellectual Historical Card Game "MAPHI", part 1 RENAISSANCE.

TARGET AUDIENCE: children 12+, progressive parents, as well as school teachers.


If you look for historical games you will find them, but our innovation is not just a historical game, our innovation is how it is done.

Our game, unlike others, is a CONSTRUCTION GAME. It consists of three decks:




One of the features is that the game can be played in different ways, both fully with all decks and just with one SECOND CHANCE deck. This implies convenience and versatility for one of our target audiences, such as teachers. Since the main lesson at school takes up most of the time, with the help of our constructive game technique, the lesson can be diversified without interrupting it with a full-fledged game of 30 minutes or more. Instead, teachers can use the SECOND CHANCE deck to remember famous people in an interactive format.

The game creation technology includes the following steps:

1. A set of cards with different functionality

2. Methodology for their use

3. Expertise

4. Testing and crash test

5. Refinement

6. Forecasting and planning

7. Specifying and targeting a specific target audience (customization).

8. Development of the author's design

9. Selecting social networks based on the target audience for SMM

10. Analytics and synthesis of the whole product.

You can buy it here: +44-777-88-19-477

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