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2022 Startup World Cup Championship (SWCC) defined champions!

2022 Startup World Cup Championship (SWCC) defined champions!
We are already holding the 22nd Startup World Championship among children and youth.

Today at the 2022 World Cup there are 22 countries, 22 jury members, 22 participants in the final of each league.

We are pleased to announce the WINNERS of the 2022 Startup World Cup Championship (2022 SWCC).

More than 100 teams from 22 countries of the world took part in the SWCC 2022.

We congratulate the nominees and winners as well as all the participants who presented their achievements to the main global stage.

The Startup World Cup Championship is held annually as part of a one-year training cycle for students of the International Educational Network MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOLS, which now has more than 60 branches around the world.

Every MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL student (6-17 years old) and every BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL student (15+ years old) received an investment in local Startup Forum to realize their idea. The most successful and most innovative projects were determined at the national championship.

The respected jury, consisting of socially responsible entrepreneurs, marked with their assessments those projects that meet the criteria: 
  • innovation,
  • financial result,
  • benefit to society,
  • social responsibility,
  • teamwork,
  • marketing strategy,
  • cooperation,
  • work with clients,
  • presentation and ability to answer questions,
  • the depth of involvement of the team and their partners in the presented project,
  • survival during crises, etc.
Congratulations to all participants!

This is a new round in development and a new step towards an independent life, towards a conscious choice of one's own path, towards one's success, towards economic security and financial well-being of the family, in other words - towards a HAPPY FUTURE!!!

The winners are here: https://startupworldcup.biz/swcc-final-round-sife-sage-2022/

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